Win With CRYSTAL LIGHT and Miranda Lambert #CrystalLightWM

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for CRYSTAL LIGHT. I received a gift card to purchase CRYSTAL LIGHT products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

CRYSTAL LIGHT and Miranda Lambert are partnering to launch the Platinum Points Program to reward CRYSTAL LIGHT customers with fun Miranda Lambert gear.

The Platinum Points Program coincides with Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour Presented by CRYSTAL LIGHT.

Using the CRYSTAL LIGHT Platinum Points Program is easy! Purchase participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart, snap a photo of your receipt with your Smartphone, and choose from a variety of Miranda Lambert rewards.

Here are a few of the fun things you can get below with your reward points:



I headed to Walmart, where they offer a variety of CRYSTAL LIGHT products at great prices and purchased a couple of the CRYSTAL LIGHT liquid bottles.  These are so great because you can just pop them in your bag and run.  I bought the Strawberry Lemonade and Mango Passionfruit.  Both are delish!


How to Sign Up for the CRYSTAL LIGHT and Miranda Lambert Platinum Points Program:

You can sign up to start earning reward points here using your email address or Facebook account.  Purchase participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart and keep your receipt!!!

  • Go to in your mobile browser and log in

  • Click “Snap,” choose “Walmart,” and then click “Select/Take Photo”

  • Snap a clear photo of your receipt and click “Upload This Photo”

  • Redeem points for Miranda Lambert rewards

I’m a big fan of Miranda Lambert & I’m so excited about this program.  By signing up for Platinum Points, purchasing CRYSTAL LIGHT at Walmart, and scanning your receipts you’ll earn points to claim Miranda Lambert gear including an exclusive song download, t-shirts, and mugs. Platinum Program members can enter the Promo Code “mirandaic” to instantly get 30 free points. Members will also receive 10 points for each friend they refer who signs up.


It’s so easy to do!  Here’s my receipt.  I just copied it into my rewards account and I’m on my way to collecting points for fun Miranda Lambert gear!



CRYSTAL LIGHT and Miranda Lambert both promote a healthy lifestyle, making them a perfect team.  Have you SEEN Miranda Lambert lately?  She’s looking hot!  I try to drink a lot of water while I’m at work during the day.  Sometimes I get tired of drinking just plain water!  CRYSTAL LIGHT is the perfect way for me to add some flavor to my water without the extra calories.

Here’s a fun little recipe for you: The “Randarita,” a cocktail inspired by Miranda Lambert (find it here:

So, what are you waiting for sign up now!

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Use Promo Code “mirandaic” for 30 free Platinum Points upon signing up.

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We took Connor to the pumpkin patch today.  He’s going with his class next week too, but I wanted to take him as well.  It would have been perfect if it felt like fall….sigh…

It was like 85 degrees out today and I’m walking around trying to embrace the pumpkins.  I really was…but it’s hard when you are getting pit stains because it’s so HOT.

I want to wear my boots and my cardigans aka “muffin top shield”.  Here’s hoping I can embrace that fall feeling a little more in the coming weeks.

Regardless we had a great day together and I took a long nap & it ended with Fuzzy’s tacos and an episode of Shark Tank.  Score!

Here are some photos of our pumpkin patch visit:

D7K_3613 D7K_3617 D7K_3620 D7K_3622 D7K_3609 D7K_3607 D7K_3606 D7K_3625 D7K_3628 D7K_3631


Friday PSA

It’s Friday…can I get a WHAT WHAT!!!

I’m not going to wish my life away, but darn it I’m glad it’s “holiday season”.  Which I consider October, November, & December.  Then after than comes January, February, and March AKA “The Great Depression” season.  I get so sad after all the craziness of the holidays is gone :-(



I got these adorable socks at Christmas in Cowtown last weekend and they are obviously my favorite. Duh.  They are from a company called SockSmith.  They have the CUTEST socks y’all.


Speaking of holidays.  I finally found a website that shows a countdown for the Starbucks red cup.  I wonder why they never do a green cup???   Whether or not this is accurate I have no idea???IMG_20141016_151500

I also picked up some metallic tattoo stickers at Christmas in Cowtown and these are so much fun!


I really love this bike (It was on Zulily today).  I want us to get into bike riding as a family, but good bikes are SO expensive!  I can just picture this bike with a basket in front riding it down the street and picking up stray kittens…





Let’s chat shall we?

Let’s chat shall we?

I can’t believe Christmas is like 70-something days away. It’s my absolute favorite time of year.  In my family I’m known as the Christmas CRAZY person.  Yep…I’ll take that honor and own it honey!

I like to jingle jangle in every way possible. Connor and I even listen to Christmas music every morning before school.  George Michael’s (WHAM) “Last Christmas” is always a favorite.  I think I know every word of that song.

Life right now is consumed with work, home crap (laundry, dishes, poor meal planning, and cleaning), and photo shoots on the weekends. I LOVE taking photos and it makes my world to take photos of all these precious families.  The fun part comes when I get home and go through them all and edit.  I love to turn them into something magical.  It’s taken YEARS and tons of $$$ but I just love this photography thing.  I’ve always been a creative gal.  In college I was working towards a degree in graphic design.  I’m glad I still have my creative outlet through blogging and photography.  That’s probably why my blog design changes so much….I just can’t stop “playing” with it.

So before Christmas hits us square in the eye I’m trying to savor the beginnings of fall and I’m currently bathing in Purell.  All that’s on the news here in DFW is E-B-O-L-A.  Errrr single day.  Yes, it scares me, but I’m not going to sit around and think about it until I worry myself to death.  But why in the WORLD would you freaking get on an airplane and fly across the country after you were just exposed to Ebola!!!  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I just want to slap someone!

It brings out the worst in OCD people like myself. FYI- At our local Target this week if you get a flu shot you also get a free tall Starbucks drink.  Just so ya know ;-)

So what’s on the top of your Christmas wish list? I feel like everyone is a fashion blogger these days and has such great style.  I’m lucky if I get my eyeliner on straight.  I’m not clicking on that link because note to self: I can’t afford a $3000 purse even if you do get a 10% commission!  They do have a lot of pretty pictures though (well, you know if you are a size 2-4).  I see a lot of pretty outfit photos that catch my eye, but when I actually click on the link I nearly stroke out at the amount of money these people spend on CLOTHING.  For real???  Someone needs to do a blog series called “The Look for Less”.  I used to love that show when it was on Style Network.  Now that’s an idea!

All I want this year is a new desk chair and maybe a new camera lens or camera equipment. You know the stuff I used to think old people asked for?  Like maybe some socks and new bras?

And if anyone works at Starbucks or knows if the Christmas bevies are coming out early would you holler at me? In the mean time I’ll be dousing myself in Purell and living the dream…live each day, love each day, you never know if you’ll have another day….and if you do it won’t be like today!

Thank you for reading my rambling…

Xo Becky

A Day Off Work…It Sure is QUIET!

I just turned on the heater.

Can I get an amen?

It’s finally sort of fall-ish…at least for today.  Until it gets back into the 80’s this week.  Blah.

I kept Connor home with me on Friday, but I took him to school today so I could get some photo editing done.  I’m paying for it right?  So why not take him.

I’m so excited to get this season started  and bring on the boots, scarves, and dark nail polish!

Speaking of nail polish I joined Julep and I’m loving it!  This purple color I got this month is my favorite so far.  I tried the Night Shift mask the other day and it was super moisturizing.  I felt like I had to let my face dry before I went to sleep though.

I got a new purse too and I’m loving it.  That Coach outlet website is awesome!  You can get some great bags and over 50% off!  This color is a grey green and perfect for fall.  The side pockets are great for my cell phone and keys too.
Terence and I watched Mom’s Night Out. If you haven’t seen that movie then you MUST. It’s so funny!

Here are a few pictures from my first fall photo shoot. If you need Christmas/Fall photos holler at me :)

becfam2 (1 of 1) D7K_3165 D7K_3199 D7K_3247 D7K_3381