Embrace the Crazy

We’ve been crazy busy lately.  With what you ask?


  • We put our house on the market to sell.  Houses are selling like hot cakes around here I’m just hoping we find a place to move TO before we have to move to a Frigidaire box.
  • I’m trying to keep everything clean.  It sucks.
  • My new job is fabulous and I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.  I am so happy!  The people I work for are SO nice and I’m incredibly grateful God brought this opportunity my way.
  • I’m excited to move closer to Terence’s job so he won’t be on the road so much.
  • Connor starts Kindergarten in 3 months (someone hold me)


  • I never realized how much junk we accumulate or how dusty things become until I actually had to clean it all like new to put our house on the market.  Eeek.
  • I’m excited to go home to Arkansas in a month and see my family.  I need a good hug from my Mom, Dad, Nannie, & sister :)
  • This drawing someone did of me is super cool.  It’s also kind of scary, but it’s awesome….I dunno?  It’s like my Sims character has come to life.

unnamed (1)

  • A couple of weeks ago I had the most AMAZING spa experience at My Envy Spa in Weatherford.  I had a Pellevue facial and it was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep.  My skin feels like a baby’s bottom.  Pelleve Skin Tightening treatment is the latest in Spa treatments to give you a younger, fresher feeling look around your face.  It helps remove Crow’s Feet, Laugh Lines and sagging skin by using the amazing new technology of Pelleve.  Everyone at My Envy spa was sooooo nice too!

I’ll definitely be going back there for some “me” time.  I’m about to turn 34 so the fine lines and wrinkles are making their ugly selves known.  UGH.

Right now you can enter to win a spa package worth $450.00!

The package includes:

  • One Photo Facial Session – $325
  • One Eminence Artic Berry Home Kit – $125

Just simply fill out the form HERE: http://facebook.com/myenvyspa to be eligible to win.


For the BEST Mom Ever!

Being a Mom is one of my all time favorite gigs on Earth.  Besides being a wifey, being a Mom is the ultimate reward.  Yes, at times it’s the most challenging job…but I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

I wanted to share with you a couple of great finds this Mother’s Day.  The first one is this beautiful necklace from UncommonGoods.  If you’ve never visited the UncommonGoods website you need to haul yourself over there right now and check it out.  You are bound to find something for anyone in your life and it is guaranteed to be special.

While you are browsing on the site check out the Mother’s Day and Gifts for Mom collections.  These are specially picked items just for Mother’s Day!

I found this amazing dotted heart necklace.  I’m in love (literally) with it!


This necklace is beautiful example of sentiment, this sterling silver heart hangs sweetly from a gold-filled wrap and chain. Hand forged by artist Dana Reed, this textural design marries heartfelt elegance with mixed metal, industrial style. Made in Chicago, Illinois.  Artist Dana combines the exotic elements of many cultures with art deco influenced geometrics and ultrachic textures.  It truly is a “one of a kind” gift from UncommonGoods.


I also wanted to tell you about a fabulous event going on at Elevate Life Church.

  • Thursday, May 14, 2015 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT (doors open at 6:30 PM)
  • Friday, May 15, 2015 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM CDT (doors open at 8:30 AM)
  • Friday, May 15, 2015 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT (doors open at 6:30 PM)
1: Thursday at 7pm
2: Friday at 9am
3: Friday at 7pm

Girl Friend Party
Friday at 9pm

She Conference exists to inspire women, help them to discover their God-given value and to stand in the gap for those who have no voice. This gathering of women of all ages and walks of life is designed to be a fun time of fellowship, as well as a time to reflect, refresh and renew our minds.

When we as women gather in one place and bring our God-given glory, it gives us a kingdom perspective of the power we hold. If one women can change her world, then imagine what women, united by God can do.

We stand as women to fight against human trafficking, poverty, abandoned and orphaned children, and the child soldiers of Northern Uganda. We also respond to the many local challenges right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you are interested in a free ticket, a ($50 value) to attend the conference please leave a comment below.


SmartCoffee App + Enter to Win Your OWN Special Coffee Blend!

A few weeks ago I was asked to try a new app called SmartCoffee.

SmartCoffee is a mobile app where you can take a blending quiz to determine which blend of coffee is perfect for you.

SmartCoffee is the mobile app created by Paul Katzeff, the grandfather of specialty coffee roasting in America.   At 77, Paul has taken his 45 years of experience in the coffee business and built this app to empower coffee drinkers to have their perfect cup every time.


After I took the quiz to figure out my perfect blend of coffee from Thanksgiving Coffee Company I found out my perfect choice would be the Albion River Inn Blend.

This unique coffee blend has been a traditional part of Albion River Inn’s fine culinary experience for decades.  A full-bodied and well-rounded blend with sweet chocolate tones and a crisp, toasty flavor, our Organic and Fair Trade blend is grown high in the mountains of northern Nicaragua.

So, both Terence and I have been drinking this coffee for a week now and we absolutely LOVE it.  I have to say that I was a bit skeptical, because I am a crazy fanatic coffee drinker….but SmartCoffee got it right!

I’ll definitely be ordering some more of this coffee because it’s some of the best beans I’ve tried in awhile.

Want a chance to WIN your own personal blend of coffee using the SmartCoffee App?

Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite type of coffee is?

Sing & Play Along With VeggieTales

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and DreamWorks, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #VeggieTalesfun http://my-disclosur.es/RgFrEH

I have something exciting to share with y’all today!  VeggieTales is now available at participating Walmart stores around the country.  Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber now ready and waiting for a hug & cuddle at Walmart.


I grew up watching VeggieTales when I was a kid and it’s so much fun to share the videos with my son now.  VeggieTales teaches Connor about honesty, kindness, forgiveness, and is Christ centered.  If there is one thing I want Connor to learn in life it’s how important God is in all we do.

Bob is the smart and witty tomato that has good advice to share.  Larry always has a silly song to sing along to.  Now you can watch your favorite VeggieTales movies while cuddling with your favorite character.

Larry went to school with Connor today:


You can pick up Larry or Bob along with a bunch of other VeggieTales Friends at Walmart.  Look for this display at participating stores.


Since we brought Larry home Connor has been watching VeggieTales non-stop with him by his side.  It’s the cutest thing ever :)


Now you can help the show come to life with VeggieTales toys. When you can combine a show you love with the toys your kids play with, it is a win-win. Especially when it is completely backed by great lessons and values.  

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Favorite Baby Clothing Sites

I miss Connor being a baby and gosh it’s so fun to buy cute baby clothing .  How come they have so many cute custom stores & boutiques for girls and not boys?  I know if I ever did have a little girl I would go straight up Honey Boo Boo cray cray up in here!  Minus the spray tan & false eyelashes of course.

These are a few of my favorite stores for Boys:

Wes & Willy

Ruum Kids

Chasing Fireflies

Peek Kids

This picture was taken on Connor’s first Easter.  Oh my!  Look at that dapper lil’ dude.  The dress shirt, khakis, and sweater vest- all from Old Navy.  I think he was around a month old.  Be still my heart.

I also adore outfits that come in one piece.  A jumper or “bubble” as some southerners call it is great when you child is still wearing diapers.  They are easy to take on and off.  I think this outfit was from Zutano, another company I just adore!

Of course my husband’s favorite ensemble for boys baby clothing is a polo or dress shirt with khakis.  I think he just likes dressing him like his Daddy.  He still does that to this day.  Connor wears mostly khakis and polos these days when he’s not insisting on Batman or Superman.  Oh the peer pressure of pre-schoolers!

My days of choosing clothes is pretty much over, but it sure was fun choosing them while it lasted! Ha ha!


So, out of pure curiosity where are some of your favorite places to buy baby clothing?  Specifically boy clothes?  Or girl clothes…whichever one you feel like sharing.  I’m always looking for fun places to shop and go visit.